Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kathleen Lane

One of the best parts of my job on this project is most definitely who I get to work with and in no way is working with Travis and Kathleen Lane a typical work environment. They teach, explain, encourage, expect (a lot!), and joke. As the director of the Spirit of Place Institute, Kathleen has certainly taken it under her wing and nurtured it to the high level it has reached. She arrived at Spirit of Place with a vast knowledge of management and arts administration, previously working for the AIA as Director of Knowledge Communities. With degrees in English and Art from UC Berkeley, and M.A. in American Studies from U of MD and a MArch from Catholic University and several fellowships and visiting residencies around the world including Bauhaus Dessau Foundation and American Academy in Rome, I can't think of a better person to guide this amazing program. On a more personal level, Kathleen somehow always seems to know the answers to everything you might need. She does so with such grace and encouragement that I couldn't imagine doing this without her!

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