Thursday, June 2, 2011

Student bio: Ashley Marshall

I first got involved in with Spirit of place as an undergrad in my Junior year at Catholic. I participated in the designing of the James Hoban Memorial, however, due to scheduling conflicts I was unable to make the trip. This time around, from the day I got accepted into Grad school at Catholic University I said I was going on the next Spirit of Place trip wherever it was to! Designing things and building them thats what got me into Architecture. When I was younger I was the girl that always wanted to help with the latest renovations my family was making to their house, actually building something that you design rather have someone else build it or it just sit in drawing form is an amazing feeling! And this project in Nepal, not only exposes us to the building aspect of our profession but the culture of the people and how the two are intertined. You learn by doing, I graduated with my B.S. Arch in 2009 from Catholic but it wasn't until I got my job that everything that I have learned cam together, this Nepal trip can only enhance that knowledge! Travel the world and study Architecture, count me in! I only hope that when I Gratuate with my M.Arch in 2012 I will still be able to be apart of these amazing projects!

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