Thursday, July 15, 2010

final model

During the 9-day design charette in Washington, DC in early January of this year, the Finnish and American students developed metaphoric designs based upon Finnish culture and mythology, expressed in a modern idiom in a variety of media. From there, they developed their own poetic and sculptural interpretations, which led to a further refined look into detailed architectural models and construction documents. The photos here show the final model representing the Kalavalakehto made of steel, glass, and wood.

The program for the built project will evoke Kalevala metaphor as a "think tank": a small retreat center to promote creative innovative ideas, intellectual exchange, negotiation, and communication, a place where nature and the setting evoke deeper thinking. It will serve as a catalyst for more events, collaborations, cultural activities, and innovative projects.

What other buildings do you know of that function as a literal "think tank"?

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