Tuesday, September 7, 2010

embassy life

US Ambassador to Finland Bruce Oreck, graciously invited us to the US Embassy of Finland for a pizza lunch during the construction of the Kalevalakehto. We were hoping our time schedule would be on target to allow ourselves a moment of refueling and needless to say, the team made all efforts to do so (you would too with that type of invitation right?). With a delicious and healthy feast of homemade pizza on rye, Ambassador Oreck did not disappoint. He gave a brief speech based on a recent address to a group interested in green business with a message that it doesn't matter what other people are doing in the field, it matters what you are doing. He traced the development of the green movement starting with Henry David Thoreau's poem "Walden Pond" and how it affected John Muir, which influenced Teddy Roosevelt, which in turn reached Rachel Carson of Silent Spring, and trickled down to the progress that's been made today. All of these changes based on the power of just one person. 
Not just talking the the talk, but walking the walk, he led us to the site where he and his wife keep bees. We can't thank him and the embassy staff enough for such a pleasant afternoon and for their massive support on this project. Thank you!

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