Thursday, April 21, 2011

Support Spirit of Place

The primary goals of Spirit of Place / Spirit of Design is to promote cultural preservation and environmental stewardship through architectural and artistic design. The success and demand for this program invites expansion. The broader agenda for the future of Spirit of Place / Spirit of Design reflects the growing needs for the changing realities of our environmental and cultural concerns. The SPSD educational program intends to accomodate the growing number of students who express interest in the program, including participation from national and international universities, as well as primary education schools.

In conjunction with continued student education, the specific tasks of SPSD are to:

  • increase the number of annual expeditions and the cultural diversity of venues
  • increase the number of student participants and decrease the program expense for students
  • promulgate the SPSD syllabus for national, international, and high school institutions
  • increase public education through web sites, publications, television, lectures, and symposiums
  • publish a design critique for SPSD
As a non profit 501C-3 organization, your tax exempt contributions are gratefully welcome. Click here to contribute click on the "donate" button on the left.

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