Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 1: and so it begins!

Danny, Eugene, Gus, and the team from Mayo County Council prepared the 'runway' for our project the week before we landed, by demolishing the existing parking lot, layout out the formwork and pouring the concrete, as well as setting several concrete block walls as back-up structure for some of the taller walls.

Bright and early Monday morning we all marched from the hotel to the site to meet our construction team from Mayo County Council:  Danny O Toole, our Project Manager, Eugene O Toole (Danny's brother!) Gus O'Toole, Declan McNamara, and Alan Boland.  This is the same awesome crew we've worked with on Spirit of Place for the last 2 years projects.  Danny, Eugene, and Gus are all from Inishturk, and had never worked together before that!  See more on those three, especially Danny in the documentary film about the Inishturk project, Tale of the Tongs.

After Danny's all-important safety orientation and issue of hard hats and hi-vis vests, we launched in! Tommy, Pat and Megan learned to use the concrete mixer to mix the mortar, Declan gave a demonstration of beginning to set the stone walls, and use a hammer and chisel to shape the stones. Then we broke into teams to attack the massive piles of stone!


    The runway...beautifully cast in place concrete foundation set by the Mayo County team before we     arrived

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