Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 4: Tuesday, June 24

Day 4 was all about continuing to build up and lay grass sod on the earth berm, top off the long curved stone benches, install the limestone cladding on the roof of the viewing pavilion, and surrounding the opening, while Danny, Eugene, Gus, Viv, and Joe continued to cut away the old fence surrounding the blowhole, and very carefully cut a trench for the concrete footings for the stainless steel rods (the new protective barrier around the blowhole).  Then wood formwork (or "shutters" as they call them here) is then placed into the trench for the concrete pour.

In the afternoon, Travis and Danny went to Belmullet to inspect the samples of fabricated stainless steel plate and rod assemblies, and made some revisions to how these will be welded.  The first stainless steel pieces are promised for delivery on Thursday!  We can't wait to see them!

Travis explains the day's work plan 

 Concrete formwork for the stainless steel rod "fence"

The viewing pavilion 

Maggie and Ryan topping off the stone benches

Mortar mixers, Colin and Sam

Ian and Ayman on the limestone roof cladding with Declan and Alan

Alex 'making' rocks


Delia on the limestone roof

Corey, Dan, Maggie and Karina sit on their bench for the first time---done!  Ayman (at left) claims credit too (ok, he made the mortar)

The more we build, the more it disappears...

Eugene installing the formwork

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