Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day 5: Wednesday, June 25

Wednesday was a half-day, as the sequence of delivery of materials to the site has adjusted our schedule.  The afternoon will be a perfect time for a cultural break to tour the 5000 year old site of Ceide Fields and museum with founder, archaeologist, and professor Seamus Caulfield (see another blog entry about this...)

Eric and Ryan cut the rebar for the concrete footings for the steel fence sections.

Eugene teaches Lauren and Madeline how to make the wood formwork sections, and they take over and make them perfectly themselves!

The berm continues to be build up and shaped.  Gus, Viv, and Joe continue to trench around the blowhole for the concrete footings, while removing the unsightly existing metal fence.  It is great to see it go!

Meanwhile, the Kilkenny stone installation continues with Declan and Alan, from McNamara Stone, along with Danny 2 (Hinchcliff) and Delia. Rossana discovers a new talent...stone peening! She expertly uses a hammer and chisel to 'peen' (create a regular pattern of surface mottling) on the beveled edges of the cut panels of stone, so that they blend with the rest of the pattern.

Delia cleans the stone dust and any residual adhesive off the surface of the Kilkenny limestone, and a historic marker honoring the Irish and French who lost their lives while hiding out from British troops in the blowhole and sea tunnels during the 1798 rebellion (more on this to come...)

Unfortunately the sod that was laid already had begun to slip, and there are areas of divets, so teams led by Corin carefully pack and smooth peat under the sod, and then adjust it so that the seams are invisible, and then tamp it down, and place metal pins on the steepest slopes.

Maggie, Karina, Mauricio, and Kieran use a piece of plywood to tamp down and smooth the peat soil layer for the sod.

Placing the rebar in the concrete form

Gus and Danny
Another day, another lobster!

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