Sunday, August 15, 2010

Introducing...Teresa Taylor

Teresa Taylor can be spotted on the Kalevalakehto site with construction documents in hand. She just finished up a 10 day trip in the El Salto region of Panama building a cabin with the Global Architecture Brigades and has put to use her many skills here in Helsinki. There's no shortage of travel and construction experience with this one. Of Spirit of Place Helsinki she says, "The appeal of the Spirit of Place trip, besides the obvious travel bonus, is that it is very rare to find such a unique and rewarding design/build opportunity. Travis Price's program has been extremely successful since day one and I knew I would learn so much from the process. It's also a mind-blowing realization knowing that something you helped imagine will be a tangible addition to this world." Teresa recently graduated from Catholic University and plans to continue her traveling spree with a 6 month internship with architecture firm, Sacro, in Peru this fall. 

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