Friday, January 7, 2011

The site of Spirit of Place 2011 mentioned in The New Yorker

Peter Hessler talks about Rajeev Goyal, a young activist and former Peace Corps volunteer, and his successful water-pump project in eastern Nepal. Hessler's portrayal compares the streets of Washington, DC to that of Namje village, the site of Spirit of Place 2011. It provides a perspective on the history of his involvement to the area and will be of utmost importance to us as he introduces us to the area. Read more here and the full article here. You can also listen to an audio clip of Hessler here.

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  1. hello spirit of place group,
    i think whatever you are doing is really good for nepal, to preserve the place, give a recognition and work out there for its development that too in such a rural part like Namje. i being a 5th year student of architecture, here in kathmandu Nepal, havent been able to contribute even a bit of what you are doing. i along with few of my friends would be really happy if we can meet the group, while you are here in Nepal. something to learn, some kind of interaction and some inspiration from you all. would be a great opportunity.