Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Travis update from Nepal

"The photo above of us at the site are local villagers, builders, and plantsmen.  Also is Kathleen Lane, Rajeev Goyal, Priyanka Bistra, and Stephanie Odegard of Odegard Carpets.  I'm somewhere,  in my mind at least!  A formidable team!“

Travis just returned from his latest adventures to Nepal and Doha:

"Happy New Year!!!! We have been at 6000 ft in a Magar Village, no heat, cold, but heavily layered.  Stunning views of the Himalaya and amazing shaman ceremonies as well as helping villagers with development designs for homes and farms. The entire village greeted us with a host of 5 Shamans singing and sacrificing chickens in dancing ceremonies........ amazing."

Travis also dished that the theme for this year's Spirit of Place in Nepal will be Magar Culture of Nepal "Memorial to the Ancestors." At this point, I'm just as clueless as you, but I absolutely cannot wait to find out what all this means! 


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