Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 5 of building

After a cow-killing monsoon that felt like we were trapped in a war zone, the electricity went out for two days and we're just getting back up and running again. That didn't put a hold on construction, however. Day five brought us the start and near finish of the inner layer of the stone walls. Lots of pouring and mixing of concrete, and laying of stones. The Namje villagers continue to bring supplies like stones and sand via baskets on their backs. It's quite the sight. And in sandals no less! Working side by side with the villagers has definitely brought the spirit of the place to life.

We received a special visit from some monks from Dharan who evaluated the site then spent anhour in meditation.

 The local children like to impress us with their English. "Hi, how are you?" "What is your name?"
The niches at the top of the walls can hold butter candles.

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