Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day two on site

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Below, is what we arrived to on the second day of construction. The first day is always a big learning curve as the students are taught how to build and slowly get the hang of it. We also experienced major internet difficulties as, silly us, thought that we could use the internet connection usb's we previously bought in Kathmandu on the top of a mountain in faraway Namje. With the help of Rajeev Goyal, the former Peace Corps worker in the village and major lightening force behind the water pump projects and permaculture farm, the internet has now been brought to the village as of two hours ago and surely will change it forever. The second day brought an upward climb to the 7 feet walls we were trying to finish by the end of the day, but it took a bit longer since they were also fitting in a 6" niche to each wall for future buddhas or candles.

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