Sunday, June 29, 2014

Day 6: Thursday, June 26

Scenes from Thursday: 

Rossana hones her skills at limestone peening, and earns the title of 'Peen Queen'!

A design decision on the rough stone benches:  try (in vain) to embed small stones in the mortar between the large stones (they keep falling out), or just create a smooth mortar joint between them?  We go for the latter, for a cleaner look which is also more practical for adhesion and drainage.  The team looks for loose stones and mortars them in more securely.

In the afternoon:  the 'lacken stone' is delivered for a pathway walkabout around the blowhole--what should the pattern be for these stones?  Need a dry walkway, but we don't want to add too much busy-ness, or detract from the powerful green sweep of the grass to the steel.

The afternoon brings a surprise treat!  Mary (chef of Mary's Cottage Kitchen, where we eat fabulous dinners each night) delivers fresh scones and warm sausage rolls to the site!

As a side project, students help archaeologist Seamus Caulfield to uncover a huge stone aerial marker (EIRE 64) in the ground which alerted WWII pilots that they were flying over neutral Ireland, and also helped to install new windows and a door in the WWII watch tower.  (Another post to come on this!)

Thursday evening is music night with our Mayo Council Council team--good 'craic' and Travis also cracks the whip on the curfew that evening!  The first delivery of stainless steel rods for the blowhole barrier is being delivered on Friday, and all need to be safe and awake around the blowhole and heavy machinery!  The constant refrain on the jobsite:  'are ye happy??'

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