Monday, June 30, 2014

Sunday, June 29

Sunday was another glorious sunny day--we have been so lucky with the weather.  It can't last, and we are racing to make the most of it.

We installed more sections of stainless steel flute fencing, and the sodding continued.  The outside walls of the berm were built up and leveled with the excavator, with peat packed on top as preparation for sod.

The design decision on the paving stones for the walkabout was made:  a minimal one row of stepping stones will give visitors a dry surface to get near the fencing, but will keep the main design gesture intact with the long curve of green over the berm and extending all the way under the fence to the blowhole.  Emily Curato was in charge of this crew, to search out stones that had a subtle inside curvature, to inscribe the curve of the rounded berm on the inside edge, and allow the natural shape of the stone to create a dissipating edge on the outside.  Once the stones were selected and placed, they were buried in to be flush with the sod surface.

Meanwhile, Dannny 2 (Hinchcliff), and and Rossana continued to fine tune the limestone with Viv's help.

Sunday's beautiful weather brought alot of curious visitors wondering what is going down at the Down!  All are invited to our opening festivities this Friday, July 4th and to celebrate Independence Day with us, complete with a BBQ!


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