Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 8 of Construction: Tuesday, June 18

Day 8 felt like 2 started out foggy and cold, and the damp mist penetrated through the layers of clothing and raingear...but by afternoon it was sunny with clear blue skies.   It also felt like 2 days as the team worked overtime on landscaping the site, to bring sod back to make it look as if the stone walls had always been there, and to expose the massive stone outcropping that the central gathering place sits upon, to contrast the rough stone with our smooth and glinting stainless steel, glass and hewn limestone.  We also placed some large boulders in the landscape to direct the procession up the hill. 

By day's end, a 'chain gang' was formed to pass the sod hand over hand which was a good method to keep all occupied, and to limit the trampling and the muck.  Everyone was still covered with mud and muck...

Video of the chain gang in action:

Meantime, adjustments were made to the steel roof for the glass.  Declan installed the last of the limestone cladding on the central piece, and Eugene carefully cut the stone to fit on the concrete platforms around the standing glass panel supports. 

Graham holds down the roof 

limestone cladding for glass panel foundation

glass clips arrayed on the horizon

This poor rake was worked a little too hard today

At the end of the day, the "sod dance" was performed to level out the sod...see the video:

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