Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Erica Donnelly

Erica Donnelly reflects on her Inishturk experience in response to our questions:

My favorite thing about Inishturk so far is the scenery and landscape. The rolling hills, abrupt cliffs and beautiful blue waters are consistently breath-taking.
A distinguishing characteristic of the Irish people I have met so far is a whole-hearted friendliness.  Every person I have met has welcomed us with open arms, and we have all become instant friends. 

The most surprising thing that I have experienced so far is how fast the weather can change.  It can be sunny one minute and in a downpour the next.

Annie Alice, our wonderful B&B host, is a phenomenal cook.  Everything she has made us is delicious. My favorite thing she made had to have been the "Banoffee," a banana cream on top of a toffee cream pie. It was exactly what we all wanted after a long day on site.

5 senses of Inishturk:
Sight: rolling hills
Sound: whispering winds
Taste: potatoes 
Smell: salt air and sheep
Touch: stone

I do not think I will every look at a stone the same again. After trying my hand at masonry, I have learned to appreciate the difficulties behind stone work.

If I had to pack all over again, I would definitely bring much warmer clothes! and probably more clothes that are waterproof.. I was not as prepared for the freezing rains.

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