Monday, June 17, 2013

Corin Capodilupo

We asked each student/Spirit of Place participant to respond to the same questions to reflect on their experience so up, Corin Capodilupo:

Corin Capodilupo and Erica Donnelly

What is your favorite thing about Inishturk so far? 
The one thing that truly stands out most amongst the many great things Inishturk has to offer is the breathtaking landscape we are surrounded by.  Our class had seen a few pictures in class from Travis about what we might expect, however they couldn't possibly capture the beauty of this island.  Whenever I'm tired during work, cranky, or having a rough day I look out at my surroundings and all the weariness disappears because of the privilege I have to be here now in this beautiful place working with my teammates to create a meaningful project.  

What would be one distinguishing characteric of the Irish people that you’ve met?
The most distinguishing thing about the Irish people is how welcoming they have been since our arrival.  I'm always startled by how willing everyone is to make us all feel completely at home and comfortable and help us out when we need.  Especially the four workers who have been aiding us on site. A special shout out to Liam, Gus, Joe, and Eugene! 

Most surprising thing you’ve experienced?
The weather. I knew it would be varied and unpredictable, I was warned about this, but somehow it doesn't do it justice.  

Favorite food so far?
Everything served at our dinners at the B&B! Most notably however was the night they made fresh crab cakes. I couldn't help but have seconds.

How will you see stones differently from now on?
Its going to be a long while until I'm capable of looking at them again without thinking about whether they're good for making a stone wall.  I've had 3 different nightmares involving stacking stones and who knows how many more there will be.

If you had to pack all over again, what would your bring more of and less of?
Clothes! I'm running out already and I have to hand wash everything!

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