Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 6 (Saturday, June 15th)

Day 6...this is when it gets tough.  We're more than halfway there, the end is in sight, but there are so many details still to do, the work is getting repetitive, and everyone is tired.  Mutiny in the ranks is always lurking just under the surface.  

Nevertheless, everyone soldiers on.  There are ever more limestone edges to peen.  Several capping pieces on the walls need to be replaced, as some peening was a wee bit too vigorous and edges were chipped, nicked, diveted, etc...(this is why a small overage of material was planned).  The remaining concrete formwork (or 'shutters' as they're called here) are placed.  The stone experts are called in to show us how to hang the limestone cladding, and carefully fit the stone around the steel column bases.  There always seems to be another pile of rocks to move from here to there, and back again. The landscaping around the site is begun:  to return it to its pristine state, while creating an accessible path and procession.

Our Dean of the CUA School of Architecture, Randall Ott, makes a visit to see the work in progress, and try his hand at peening.

Saturday night brings traditional music and poetry at the community center:  more on this to come!

Prepping the wall surfaces for the limestone caps

Installing the limestone cladding and flooring on the base of the main structure

Dean Ott inspects the work in progress

Gus O'Toole instructs the students

Graham a.k.a. 'Buzz' 

Placing limestone wall caps (cute pink gloves, Lisa!)

Central gathering place with limestone installation in progress

Dan the man

Limestone to be fitted around steel column bases

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