Monday, June 17, 2013

Survey says...Travis Price

Travis responds to our Proust Questionnaire...

What is your favorite thing about Inishturk so far? You are never bored on the island of the boar!

What would be one distinguishing characteristic of the Irish people that you've met so far? Proclivity for a balanced diet of meat, potatoes, bantering, and shy spot on humor!!

Most surprising thing you've experienced?  Bah Bah, no black sheep?

Favorite food so far?  Crab Cakes!

Words to evoke the five senses of Inishturk: Sight, smell, taste, sound, touch...sixth sense? 
Rocks,  Echoes of ancient spirits, Rocks, Clouds are always blue even when you think they are grey, Rocks,

How will you see stones differently from now on?  Stoned never felt this way before.

If you had to pack all over again, what would your bring more of and less of?  Cologne for the Midgets (sic...he means midges, small biting flies, not the little people!), more wet gear and more chocolate!

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