Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 4: Installing the Stainless Steel

Day 4 (Thursday, June 13) brought the most exciting moments yet, with the installation of the stainless steel!  This was a tricky task, and fraught with complications.  The first was determining where to place the 4 flat plate steel 'tong' columns, so that all would be in alignment to bolt into the roof elements, and also to be sure that the glass would fit...

There were many lessons here for minimalist modern designers--there is no margin for error, and the details really matter.  We had to take into account the tolerances of the materials, in particular the steel, as the welds can add significantly to the designed dimensions:   while the concrete base set perfectly (thanks to Gus O'Toole!)  the steel column bases were about 20 millimeters (about 3/4") off the drawn dimensions due to the welding, so we had to split the difference in locating where to drill for the first bolts in the base.  Luckily, all the variations were consistent with each steel flange, or else the bolts would not have lined up.  We then used the innermost of the three roof pieces as a template to mark the bolt locations--this required careful measurement and double-checking before drilling.

Only the few, the brave and the strong were able to assist the crew with this crucial task:  kudos to Eric Hofmann and Corey August for doing a great job as steel wranglers!   It was a long day, but by 8pm, we were topped out:  all 4 columns, and the 3 steel roof layers were in place...and the profile of our project against the sea, sky, and surrounding stone was dramatically altered by the 'tongs' of steel.

Videos of bringing the roof layers on the crane, and lowering the 'template' onto the base to mark the bolt locations:

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