Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The "Types at Inishturk"...then and now

There is a wonderful historic photo depicting the incredibly strong, resourceful, and resilient "Types at Inishturk" taken in 1893 (Danny O'Toole's great grandfather is among them, second from the right, and Gus O'Toole's great grandfather is second from the left).

The photo evokes a sense of how difficult it must have been then to forge a life in the harsh, windswept, windy and rocky conditions of the island...

Here are the new "Types at Inishturk" after a rough day in the muck!

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  1. Hello, would one of the O'Toole men pictured above be John O'Toole who was married to Bridget. They had sons named Thomas, Edward, John. Daughters Bridget (Deliah), Ellie and Anne. Bridget (Deliah) was my Great Grand Mother and was born on the island in 1881.