Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 7 of Construction (Monday, June 17)

After a much-needed day of rest on Sunday, June 16th, we were back in action with a gorgeous day on Monday, June 17th.  A long day and super productive, and we needed to take full advantage of the good weather, not knowing when it might turn on us again.

Here are the highlights:

Eric Hofmann grinds the tops of column bolts

Padraig polishing the thin edges of the 'tong'columns to reflect sparks of light

Film documentary camera man, Stanley Hallet (former CUA Architecture Dean)

Declan sets the limestone

Peen team hammering away

Jessica Burns help pour concrete for glass panel base 

Polising the edges of the staineless steel roof

Tricky detail to angle limestone against and over the stainless steel column supports

The tough but crucial chore of site landscaping begins...

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