Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 5 (Friday, June 14): Wash out

Day 5 (Friday, June 14) brought the worst weather yet: squalls with heavy rains and 50-60 mph wind gusts...we got about 2 hours of work in...including learning to "peen" (create a mottled surface) on the edges of the Kilkenny limestone with a hammer and chisel.  A little elves workshop bench was fashioned on the sidelines of the project, so that the two peening teams could practice their new skills on scrap pieces of limestone.

When the wind and rains picked up, everyone was herded into the sheep tent to try to wait it out, but despite the anti-rain dancing rituals, the the heavy winds did not relent, and the conditions were too dangerous to work.  All were sent back to the guest houses to wait and see if the weather changed.

Everyone made the most of the rain day by relaxing and gathering by the fire, to catch up on reading or a game of rummy...

In the sheep/people (sheeple?) shelter waiting out the rains

Testing out the stone peening technique

Peening Team
Liam instructs the team

wayward lambs taking shelter

Dappy, go fetch Travis's hard hat that the wind carried off...!

Travis fetches his own hard hat

The howling wind and rain from a safe view inside the cozy B&B..

Gathered by the fire in the Teach Abhainn House

Precious claims the prime spot by the fire

Laura and Precious

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