Saturday, June 15, 2013

Eric Hofmann: Reflections on the trip

It has been a week thus far since we took off to head over here to Inishturk and has been an amazing experience. The island Inishturk has been a place I have never expected or experienced in my life and have been truly thankful to live through each and every moment of it. So far the favorite thing about Inishturk I have enjoyed while we have stayed here has been the whole island and the cliffs along the shore. Our first day on the island, last Sunday, a group of us decided to hike around the island, experience the cliffs, and take pictures enjoying the great weather we had that day. The cliffs along the shore are absolutely breathtaking, witnessing this view with a 300 foot drop looking down to the ocean. With a great island comes with a great group of people. The people on Inishturk and also in Westport are so friendly and always happy. Even the men that have been working with us on the site, they are always joking and smiling when some issues occur.

The experience of this trip has been rewarding and well worth it. The most surprising experience out of this trip is the view our site has. Taking a hilly, 15 minute walk to our site every morning is rewarded by the view and background beyond our site with the cliffs and the ocean. On the sunny mornings that we have had, seeing our site from the distance is totally different than what any of us could have experienced. 

While staying in the bed and breakfast on the island, we have been fortunate enough to get homemade meals everyday. And my favorite meal so far that we have had has to be the potato soup and homemade strawberry cheesecake. It was so good that I could have it every day!

Inishturk has been a great island to focus on our project, but at the same time, being able to walk around the island and reflect on life and this trip as a whole. This feeling of spirituality and reflection was a focus towards this project and has been connected to all of us.

With a construction background, being outside, working with the Irish men and everyone else, everyday has become more enjoyable after another. The past few days I have helped build stone walls and set in our steel columns and slabs. Everyday I have been looking new tricks to the tool with all of these highly experienced workers helping finish our project. Stones however, have been frustrating and rewarding! Building the stone walls looked harder than the finished pictures. After building them, I have looked at stone building so much differently now. All in all, the construction process of this trip is organized and so far we are on schedule!

But if I had to repack for this trip after being here for a few days now, I would totally bring more rain gear and warmer socks! The weather has varied from sunny days to windy, rainy days.

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